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Intelligence update for your lights

The SENSOTEC range from STEINEL Solutions now offers lighting manufacturers a versatile and easy-to-install solution to providing lights with precision sensor intelligence without having to compromise on design.

We offer extremely small infrared and high-frequency sensor modules equipped with the most sophisticated lens or antenna technology. Intelligent control units that communicate with the sensor modules provide intelligent lighting control for individually tailored settings and, of course, meet the demand for ever greater energy and cost savings.

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Nothing more is needed for your own sensor-switched light

Everything united in one module. The new HF SENSOTEC MINI sensor module makes it easy for you to upgrade your lights with HF sensor technology. Designed for indoor applications and featuring the latest HF technology from STEINEL, these modules switch light ON and OFF in response to ambient brightness and detected movement. Capable of detecting movement through glass and thin non-metallic materials, these modules can be installed inside luminaires without a problem. The reach can be adjusted from 0.5 to 8 m. STEINEL Inside. Take advantage of this motto. You customers will thank you for it.

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SENSOTEC control unit

The heart of it all. Small but intelligent.

The control unit is the central element of the SENSOTEC system. The control unit communicates with the sensor through a standardised interface and transmits signals to the light. With the sensor measuring the level of ambient light, the control unit can provide even, constant lighting. For this, only as much artificial light is added that is necessary to reach a previously defined light level. Selectable stay-ON times and adjustable response brightness to suit individual needs are just as much a part of the lineup as configuring the system via remote control. The control unit is available in a relay version and a DALI version.

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SENSOTEC sensor head IR

The eye. Inconspicuous precision.

Anyone who has seen the lens of this sensor head in real life knows what it means to develop a miniature-size high-performance sensor with a large detection zone. The calculation work involved is a science in itself. The passive infrared module can be used both indoors and out. It responds to the heat from human beings and reliably transmits its switching signals to the control unit.

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Sensor head HF-1

Before things get tight. HF in low-profile design.


The invention of a specially produced high-frequency patch antenna makes it possible to limit the overall height of this HF sensor module to a mere 20 mm. This makes the HF-1 ideal for indoors and installing in indoor lights. Even in the confined space of shallow enclosures, the HF technology allows the sensor to be installed out of view because the radio waves can penetrate the enclosure. It detects even the tiniest movement through 360° and at a distance of up to 6 m.

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Sensor head HF-2

Compact design and far reaching.

Integrated in indoor lights installed at the appropriate height, the HF-2 develops the full reach of its high-frequency technology. Its rod antenna ensures precision detection of even the smallest movement through 360° and over a distance of up to 8 m. Just like the HF-1, its waves penetrate glass and thin, non-metallic materials. This also makes its suitable for invisible installation in the smallest of enclosures.

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 STEINEL sensor technologies at a glance

Long corridors, irregularly shaped stairwells, single-occupancy or open-plan offices, washrooms or warehouses: commercial properties have all kinds of different spatial situations. STEINEL has been devoted to the task of developing the best possible lighting control solution for each and every one of them for over 25 years. As a specialist and technology leader in this field, we employ all of the four commonly used sensor technologies in our products out of conviction. So that they can reliably detect any movement over every last inch of space in absolutely any situation.

 Passive infrared

Passive infrared

Responds to moving sources of heat.

The built-in pyro sensors respond to a change in infrared heat radiated within a defined detection zone - for example, when anyone enters the areas they are monitoring. STEINEL passive infrared detectors are the all-rounders when it comes to monitoring large areas such as warehouses, courtyard entrances or sports halls. They can provide a reach of up to 20 m and be mounted at heights of up to 14 m. They work reliably in damp, cold weather. Giving the highest detection quality on the market, they also underpin our claim of making the best products.



Fills the entire room and also detects movement around objects

Actively emitted from the sensor, ultrasonic waves (40 kHz) spread throughout the respective room. They envelop objects that are present in the room and permeate into every last corner. This means that the sensor can even detect movement if there is no visual contact between it and the person. STEINEL ultrasonic sensors are the perfect solution for open-plan offices and rooms with stud walls. Ultrasonic waves do not penetrate thin walls and are highly sensitive.

 High frequency

High frequency

Can even see through thin walls.

As an active system, the HF module emits electromagnetic waves and receives the echo reflected by walls and object at a frequency of 5.8 GHz. Any movement in the detection zone causes the echo to change and triggers a switch signal within a fraction of a second. The HF sensor operates irrespectively of ambient temperature and walking direction. No matter whether you approach the sensor from the front or side – the detection quality is always superb. HF waves penetrate panes of glass and stud walls and can therefore detect movements behind objects. The coverage is therefore total and without any blind spots. The HF sensor can also be installed behind suspended ceilings for aesthetic reasons or to protect it from vandalism and still provide optimum coverage.

 Camera sensor system

Camera sensor system

Only detects people and can also count them.

We have been able to get the world's best specialists and universities passionate about STEINEL and to join us in developing the next quantum leap in sensor systems. What does that mean? Our STEINEL HPD 2 sensor is not only capable of identifying people in a room but can count them too. And it makes no difference whether persons are sitting, standing or moving about. This evaluation can be used in conjunction with the built-in humidity and temperature sensor to control lighting, heating and air-conditioning in line with demand. This boosts the options for using them in building automation. From now on, they will bring the best possible lighting and indoor climate to waiting rooms and meeting rooms.

What else you can expect.

Our SENSOTEC range is being advanced all the time. As a partner for providing your products with intelligent sensor technology, we want to make sure you are always up to date. Although the products below still need to be released for volume manufacture, we would like to take this opportunity to give you a look at the latest product developments. The following products are currently undergoing production testing and will be available to you before the end of 2016:

Bluetooth interface
A further highlight will be our Bluetooth module for configuring and controlling your light. As with the sensor heads, the module can be implemented in the I2C bus with a simple plug connection and communicate with any smart device. The customised visual display is provided via an app which we can also develop for you.

US sensor head
Ultrasonic sensor technology is well established in the USA. It also permits coverage of the remotest parts and corners of a room. For this reason, we are working intensively on the first ultrasonic sensor head.

0 -10 V control unit
Probably one of the most familiar and simplest ways of making a lighting control unit. This control unit will be available soon.

DALI adressable control unit
This unit will make it possible to address individual electronic ballasts and consequently permit swarm or group lighting control.


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